renowned jeweller in the heart of Hatton Garden

Renowned jewellers located in the heart of London's prestigious Hatton Garden.

Madison offers the broadest range of diamond rings which are made in our own workshop and will ensure to create a distinct piece of jewellery that will remain timeless.

When you visit our showroom you will experience for yourself the dedicated service we provide for you the customer.

why buy diamonds from Madison diamond and wedding ring sepcialist?

The two most important things about buying diamonds are trust and confidence.

Trust that you are getting value for money and confidence that you are getting the quality at a fair price.

The only sensible way of buying a diamond is to make sure the diamond comes with a certificate.

All our certificated diamonds come with the reassurance of a GIA certificate, whether it be a round brilliant-cut, princess, emerald, marquise, oval, pear, asscher, radiant, cushion or heart-shaped. The GIA certificate will tell you the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of the diamond you are buying.

OPEN: Mon to Sat 9.15am - 5pm and Sun 10.15am - 2pm