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round brilliant cut diamond

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamonds

emerald diamond

Emerald cut diamonds

marquise diamond shape

Marquise diamond cut

pear diamond shape

Pear cut diamonds

oval diamond shape

Oval cut diamonds

heart diamond shape

Heart shape diamonds

Asher cut diamond

Asscher cut diamonds

GIA Guide to Understanding 4Cs of Diamond Quality | GIA Diamond Grading Reports

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GIA’s International Diamond Grading System

In 1953 GIA introduced it’s Diamond Grading System, which today has become the international diamond grading standard. The procedures established by GIA determine the nature of each diamond and asses it’s quality. The institute only grades natural diamonds and discloses any detected evidence of treatments on it’s Diamond Grading Reports.


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The National Accociation of Jewellers Diamonds Graded by GIA